dimanche 18 mai 2014


Survey on sexual pleasures

Is the orgasm an identifiable physiological process?


Your are a woman, using a heart rate monitor:

Your are a man, using a heart rate monitor:


Set the monitor strap in place on your chest

turn the device ON (if not auto-starting like the 60beat one)

turn BlueTooth ON on the iPhone and launch the Heart Graph app

Spend 5-10 min lying to rest and lower your heartbeats

Start the recording

Check your lowest heart rate

Start sexual sequence (oral sex, masturbation, penetration ... )

Check your highest heart rate and the exact time

at the end of sexual sequence, stop recording

Fill the questionnary

Send your results (including graph and TCX file) by mail directly from the Heart Graph app to survey@piquard.eu.
This can be done with the in-app option purchase.
(please be sure to use your same email you used for registering)

Do as many sexual sequences as you like, with a new recording and a questionnaire for each

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